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Party Drinks

An idea that started when I managed my own venue.

An idea that now spans into Asia & Australasia...

Coasters designed just for you

Established in Melbourne – Australia by a former club manager who witnessed countless wastage of paper-based coasters, CC provides quality assured silicone coasters at factory direct prices for you.

Ideal for footy season, commemorative events, fundraising, promotions and other private functions, CC will deliver! 

But remember, you can also design your own:

  • Your club name, logo or slogan

  • Bride and groom pics for your wedding day

  • Birthdays parties or special events

  • QR codes for your business

  • Gifts for your patrons or employees

  • Footy, cricket, netball or school reunions

  • Memorial related coasters

Simply upload the pic or pics, supply the text and leave the rest to CC.

Mixologist Preparing a Drink
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